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4/20/2010 03:11:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

While I was waiting for the mighty LA Kings to take to the ice to make fools of the Vancouver Canucks and their conjoined ginger terror, I thought I'd sift through the various betting accounts I have for outstanding wagers and it's these I'd like to discuss with you now if you'll indulge me.

On Blue Square's books we have:

NHL first round play-off Yankee (£55 max return £812): To win series; Phoenix (2-1 up), Montreal (2-1 down) L.A. (tied 1-1 game 3 playing as we speak) and finally New Jersey (inexplicably losing 2-1).

This one was just for fun so we're not too concerned with our progress so far. This first round has had everyone scratching their heads after some of the results. The Conference standings have been turned on their heads. Crazyness, I was expecting this of course as I explained in a previous blog about intensity and the what not - here. I've backed under-dogs here with the exception of New Jersey - just hoping the crazyness can continue for the rest of this round.

On the Betfairs we have some election bets;

Cabinet specials market (£180 returning £440): Laying George Osborne to be next Chancellor @ 1.7.

I love this wager. He may ruin the country but Vince Cable ought to win me money here, I just better make sure I bank it before he introduces and astronomical betting tax.

UK election majority market (£80 returning £220): No overall majority @ 2.78

This is almost certain now with this new found national love of Nick Clegg.

Football now;

World Cup winner market (£30 returning £4,530): Mexico to win World Cup @ 150.00

The thinking here of course is to find a team with a tradeable price. I don't actually think my boys can win the World Cup, but I do think they can reach the Quarter Finals, by which time hopefully we'll have an opportunity to green up and then sit back and relax while they take England apart.

Finally the Hockey;

Stanley Cup winner (£50 returning £400): Chicago Blackhawks @ 8.00

I prefer not to comment on this one for fear of angering the Gods.

Elsewhere on the internets we have outstanding bets with Skybet;

Boxing; Khan to K.O. Malignaggi £20 @ 9/1
Football; Javier Hernandez World Cup top scorer £10 @ 125/1
Hockey; Chicago Blackhawks to win Stanley Cup £30 @ 11/1

Good luck with all my bets. The end.

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