Please forgive me...

4/08/2010 09:57:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

..and help my spiritual recovery by purchasing all your sporting goods at

Tiger Woods is now me new hero. I aspire to reach the same levels of cynicism that will allow me to creepily evoke the memories of my dead loved ones in order to make some money. Gaaaahd bless Merca. I'm hearing after he shot this ad he went home and fucked his 21 year old neighbour in his garage. Haha, I'm laughing as I type this.

"I am sorry for all the hurt that I have caused and for abandoning the values installed in me by my parents,..all I can do now is get out on the course with my new SQ Machspeed Driver available now at and hit the ball as hard as I can and get back to winning Golf tournaments, then head back to my hotel in my Dodge RAM 3500 - Proof that tough just got smarter, and maybe relax a bit, sink a couple Buds - Budweiser Americas Great Lager, This Bud's for YOU and maybe chow down at the local Red Lobster where you can discover a whole new way to enjoy seafood and fly back to my home in Florida with the good people at American Airlines - they're more than an Airline, they're enablers of freedom, champions of dreams, a bridge among cultures - anywhere anytime. That's always been my motto. Thank you. Sorry no questions at this time."



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