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4/11/2010 12:01:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

It's a funny old game is sports wagering. Fortunately now that I don't care about anything I was able to sail through yesterday's stormy betting waters without self-harming or self-abuse or anything.

Let's take the Grand National as an example of why sports wagering is indeed a funny old game; I backed Arbor Supreme on the Betfairs' win market and place market. Ooooor so I thought, cause I've only gone and backed State of Play in the place market by accident haven't I! Crazyness. Unexpected monies is always a nice thing, but I have to learn to click the right buttons on that thing.

So later on in the evening I've invested relatively heavily in the LA Kings to beat Edmonton. Now Edmonton have finished bottom of the NHL standings. They've finished 30th, by some distance too. Meanwhile LA have made the play-offs but (I assumed) would be trying their damnedest to finish as high as possible in the West so as not to have to face the might of Chicago or San Jose. Logic tells me, this I said to myself.

So with about 15 minutes to go in the game Edmonton are obviously 3-0 to the good and I click off Justin TV in disgust and can't even finish my crumpets. As it turned out, LA actually scored three late goals and sent the game into OT eventually losing in a shoot-out!

This has lost me monies and caused some frustration, but had I sat there and seen them come back from 3-0 only to lose the shoot-out, I would almost certainly have had to go out and murder some prostitutes and I really didn't want to have to get dressed again.

* * *

Earlier in the evening I decide that since Padraig Dan Harrington Parkinson is probably back in Ireland by now, he probably won't win the Masters, so I back Mickleson instead just to keep my interest in the tournament going at a price of something like 6.4. He then makes two eagles in a row and a birdie and is suddenly leading the thing!

I can only assume the English fella will finish a valiant second as that's what we do in this country, giving young Phil the title while Tiger Woods (who I was clearly right about), heads off to a local brothel to take advantage of their 2 for 1 Masters' specials.

Phew, Saturdays! I ask you.

So, today I expect the undulating waves of the betting game to be far calmer. I have only one bet in the pipe-line as we speak. A double in fact. Fat Sam Allardyce to whore out his team's dignity once again to Alex Ferguson and accept a sound thrashing and Casey Stoner to ease to another win in Qatar later tonight.

Casey is 1.68 to win which is quite frankly crazyness. Given his dominance of this particular race I make him something like 1.30. Essentially, if he doesn't crash he wins. And he has more grip than Spiderman somehow on this track so this to me is as near to a sure thing as sports wagering can offer.

An interesting alternative might be to place-lay Valentino Rossi. Now he of course is one of my sporting heroes, and I would never place-lay him out of respect as I know he reads my blog and I wouldn't want to be so rude.

But...BUT, he will try to win tomorrow, it'll be futile, but the racer in him will not allow him to settle for second in the first race of a new season - and he does not enjoy the same confidence in his back tyre as young Stoner and it may have unfortunate consequences.

This of course is strange, as they'll be using the same tyres probably, but the bike set up, riding styles, whatever it is, appears to give the little Aussie fella several percentage points more stickyness. Valentino is 1.35 for a podium place, this to me offers up some laying opportunities if you were feeling cheeky as he may well c**sh.

I mean now, by my calculations you have to put up £120 to win £80 on Stoner to win, but only have to offer up £30 to win £80 by laying Rossie for a place. And by my way of thinking, poor Vale is more likely to cr**h than Stoner is, and as I've said, if Stoner stays upright, he vins. Simples.

Have you got all that? Did you skip over it and just look at the pictures? Either way, good luck with all your bets.

** 21:46 - A crazy day for sure no. Blackburn eek out a draw. Casey Stoner crashes after lap 4! Hayden misses out on a podium by the length of his chinny chin chin. Never before have I been so happy to have placed losing wagers.


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