Castrate Labour's Balls

4/25/2010 03:09:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

We here at Voy Por Ustedes are pissed as a fart at the time of writing, but when there's an election on we don't let intoxication get in the way of safeguarding the future of the nation especially when there might be a betting opportunity presenting itself to us like a strumpet opening her blouse and offering us quality time with a delicious bosom.

Now it is of course common knowledge that Ed Balls is beyond a shadow of a doubt, the biggest cunt in Western Europe as we speak and has been for much of the past decade at least. So it would be supremely satisfying if the 'Portillo' moment of the 2010 election was delivered to us by the defeat of this heinous satanic necromancer by Antony Calvert who you can buy with Paddy Power at 13/8 to take the Morley and Outwood seat on May 6th.

Balls has a nominal majority of 9,000 but this can be considered negligible. Labour have finished fourth in council elections in this area the past two years and of course the Clegg factor has all made the Conservative party re-evaluate the many seats they previously considered un-winnable.

Ed Balls of course has such inexhaustible reserves of arrogance it has not even occurred to him he could lose here which would make his defeat so much more satisfying.

Ooooh I'm really scared: you should be, yoooou should be

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