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I just made tea and put honey it in. Hmm cosy. I shall now present to you the Voy Por Ustedes guide to this evening's final Leadership Debate on the BBC's at 8:30pm, which will give the three leaders a chance to test their powers of misdirection, double-speak and hucksterism.

Some numbers first of all to give us some frames of reference. The size of figures they'll be regurgitating tonight will be enormous. National Debt, annual deficit, spending cuts and what not,.. all huge, so let's give them all a more human context if you will;

National Debt - this is the granddaddy of all figures. This is how much we're in hock as a nation. Currently £811bn rising to £1.3trillion by the end of the next Parliament! Yowzer! This equates to roughly £14,000 per person in the country, even little tiny babies, rising to £21,000.

Annual deficit - this is how much the Government is currently over-spending per year, which is then obviously heaped on to the national debt. Currently £158bn for this year and similar figures for next year too. So for each of us roughly £2,600 a year.

Spending cuts - laughably through efficiency savings the three stooges are claiming they can claw back much of this deficit. But one would have to wonder how on earth it could be possible for a Government to be currently wasting the billions and billions of pounds a year that would make this option viable. If you were so incompetent that you were wasting this much money, then surely you'd be too incompetent to figure out how to save this money in the future. It's policy that sort of invalidates itself. It's very clever in that respect, but it hurts my head to think too much about it.

Cuts to public services and tax rises are the only realistic means of seriously putting a dent in this deficit. Yet the cuts specified in the three manifestos only account for a fraction of what would realistically be necessary. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has measured this black whole in spending cuts for each party and found that the tories are short some £52bn (£880 each), Labour are short £44bn (£730 each) and Lib-Dems short £34bn (£565 each).

Expect Cameron and Clegg to blame Labour for them not being able to be more specific for refusing to produce a spending review before the election and expect Brown to mumble something about the IFS accusing them of not looking past the end of the next Parliament - i.e. no one wants to come clean on the savage nature of the inevitable cuts. In real terms this is going to really hurt everyone with the exception of a small circle of Cameron's friends.

National Insurance increases - they'll hope to just spend the time squabbling over this NI increase which amounts to only £6bn (£100 each). It makes very little difference to anything, but they'll hope it sounds important and we'll eventually end up scratching our heads and maybe even changing channels.

It's important to bear in mind that when Gordon Brown talks about "taking money out of the economy" what he means is everyone paying less tax. Gordon Brown thinks the state IS the economy and only he can be trusted to distribute the country's wealth appropriately, thus not paying more NI is taking money out of the economy, it's how every filthy commie thinks. Cameron needs to remind people of this and insist that he's happy to trust us all to spend our own money how we see fit.

Fun! Ultimately Gordon Brown will of course blame the Banking collapse for everything. But it's nonsense. There is no doubt the USA Wall Street tomfoolery has influenced the economic crisis here, but it's simply standard practice for a Labour Government to run up a huge tab when they stay at Number 10. It's how they roll.

Had the sub-prime mortgage fiasco not occurred we'd still be facing this massive level of debt. They'd have contrived to push us towards the very brink of bankruptcy somehow, it's what they do. That ID card nonsense would have cost cabillions, DNA databases, further ballooning of the public sector, waste, nonsense and so on. It's what they do and don't let them persuade you otherwise.

Meanwhile if Clegg had his way we'd have ditched the pound in favour of the Euro and we'd now owe Greece billions and billions and Cameron would be destroying us with his love of that Laffer Curve we spoke about previously.

Summary - we're fucked.

On the immigration side of things, Brown will bang on about our newly installed points system which limits immigration from non-EU states - conveniently ignoring the fact that the EU represents approximately 450million people all of whom could legally come and live here tomorrow if they wanted to.

Nick Clegg will become sexually aroused by immigration and European integration and Cameron will try and pretend he isn't but watch his eyes glaze over as talk of further EU assimilation is discussed. He loves it too.

Summary - We are fucked...but since they're essentially robbing us of our identity, at least we won't know who we are anymore, so while we'll know someone somewhere is being fucked, we won't realise it's us until afterwards. Sort of like being nationally date raped.


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