Silence of the lambs

4/14/2010 12:47:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I shouldn't watch the election programmes, it angers up my blood and the only way of releasing my anger is to pour it out onto the virtual pages of my blog for you all to skim through and wonder if I might not be exposing myself to enough sunlight.

I appreciate your concerns, but I'm afraid I still have something I need to say and if nothing else it diverts my attention away from Arsenal's task this evening. So if you're sitting uncomfortably, then we'll begin..

You want to know how one can tell our political process has become a dysfunctional irrelevance? That the commie socialist stealth like putsch is complete? Easy peasy, see here:

You see! He's right you know, Mr Miyagi always speaks the truth - indeed he is one of the greatest contempory thinkers - and his philosophy here is true for all walks of life but especially in politics; do or do not, no half measures. He may have stolen that from Yoda in fact but anyway..

Everyone knows this is true whoever thought of it first, yet we see the opposite in British politics. Anyone walking left side or right side will get squished just like grape, marginalised and branded a weirdo and condemned to live in the swamps like Calibos in Clash of the Titans

Everyone is crowded into the centre ground, that's where all the votes are now so of course the politicians converge there like rats around rotten food, neep neep neep. And the reason why the centre ground is so populous is because the entire nation, save for a handful of people like Mr Miyagi and I, have lost the ability to think for themselves - or had it taken from them - so no one has any opinions about anything. The kids are all about the iPods and chatting on their computrons and the watching of karaoke shows instead of the thinking and the learning and the ensuring of the future of the nation.

There is of course only one way to reverse this. Now I know I've said this before, but I shall say it again. This country needs a fascist dictator. If you can't think for yourself you need someone to do it for you.

The British Empire was built on the strength of it's Monarchy, it's Army and it's civil service. Now the Monarch is merely symbolic, simply someone the tourists take pictures of. The Army has been depleted and sent to it's death in Afghanistan armed only with spud guns and the civil service - once independent - has become politicised and thus impotent causing public service chaos. All by design of course. Our fate now lies in the duplicitous unscrupulous weasely parliamentarians who have only the maintenance of their moats as their priority.

* * *

So what is to be done about this? Only the total collapse of this sham of a democracy will do. NO half measures. As things stand the decision makers are elected by the majority vote. But the majority of people in this country can't even read so how on earth can any good come from this?

This system does not allow for the smattering of truly great thinkers, wherever they may be, to make a difference to the country's continued awesomeness. Only a most unforgiving fascist dictator with the guile to wrest the control of the nation away from our villainous parliamentarians and the inspiration to reverse its decay will secure the future of our once great nation, elsewise our political pabulum will see us starved of invention and morality and reduced to the status of Belgium before the decade is out.

Let us take Mary; she had a little lamb once. Before Mary showed up, the lamb had no chance of survival because it's mummy and daddy had obviously been slaughtered. Its fate would have been to wonder about aimlessly until it either starved to death or was brutally slaughtered by a gang of Foxes or maybe even a panther if one was handy.
Mary arrives and takes control. She feeds and guides the little chap and consequently the lamb has never felt so alive. Let's say for example that one day Mary is set upon by a gang of eastern European benefit fraudsters keen on stealing Mary's Government farming subsidy and having their wicked way with her. She dies! There's blood and gingham strewn everywhere. Oh no!!

Now that lamb is not going to make it back to the barn without the guidance of Mary. It's a lamb. It's just going to wonder about again as before, aimlessly until it's death which will come as a welcome change to it's daily routine.

I'm telling you we cannot continue this way. If we have lost our ability to think independently we need someone to step in and do it for us and we must find the tenacity and stomach to see the job through to its conclusion.

Now of course that 'someone' may turn out to be a complete nutcase who purges the population by executing anyone with a T in their name and spends his evenings watching beastiality porn and eating prawn crackers, on the other hand he may be a truly great leader who only watches westerns. While I price up finding the latter at 10/1, our slide into obscurity is certain if we continue with this democratic masquerade. At least with a dictator we have a chance. People, I'm willing to gamble.

Ignore May 6th. When we need Clint Eastwood the ballot paper offers us only the Teletubbies. Westminster has silenced us people, it's time our voices were heard again.

The end.

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