It's a game of take and give

4/18/2010 02:25:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

You want money for your daughters eye operation? Hmmm no I'm sorry
I've managed with one eye I think your daughter will too. Next!

A keen insight into how Gordon Brown thinks this morning on the Andrew Marr show. Discussing the Conservative's policy for raising the threashold for paying Inheritance Tax to £1m Gordon Brown described it as "giving the richest 3,000 money."

It's true you'll be better off if you have a property over £1m; if you owned an estate worth £1.2m for example, you'd pay £350,000 now and only £80,000 under the Conservative's plans (40% of anything over £325,000 as opposed to 40% of anything over £1m), but it's not giving these people money.

No Gordon, it's not "giving" them money, it's just not taking as much away. Gordon Brown thinks every penny of monies in this country belongs to the state and it should be down to him to "give" the money back to us in a manner he sees fit.

Only Gordon Brown can distribute these funds in the correct manner. We should not in any way be allowed to finance our own lives. We simply cannot be trusted to make the right decisions, the tough decisions and the big choices.

In his ideal world we'd all have to cap in hand to him personally to ask for money. Like being 7 and asking ones parents for pocket money.


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