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4/16/2010 02:20:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Cameron (no.2) and chums yesteryear

We don't need to complete our doctorates in Economics to unearth Cameron's intentions when it comes to taxation. Despite the fact that he won't actually spell out exactly how he plans to tackle our monumental deficit, we can be fairly sure he'll be adding to it rather than reducing it as his tax policies will all be geared towards keeping him and his rich chums in the manner they've become accustomed to.

I always tune out when Cameron starts discussing tax, mostly because I don't pay it but also because it's all so complicated especially when he talks without actually saying anything. I see his lips move, but all I hear is this...

This is essentially what we can expect. Taxes that'll keep the obscenely rich obscenely rich. Apparently the Laffer curve was something conjured up one lunch time when Arthur Laffer was enjoying a few cocktails with Dick Cheney.

He literally drew it on the back of a napkin. Just how much bollocks it turned out to be is evidence of how many cocktails they must have sunk by that point. Apparently afterward they discussed how they'd go about invading a country picked at random out of a hat. Cheney drew Iraq..he must really have been ploughed at that point.

Our economic future is now at the mercy of this lunchtime piss up. Be afraid poor people, be very afraid..

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