Rossi, Stoner and the Emporer's new clothes

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It's MotoGP this weekend. So I thought since I'd just put my pajamas back on at 4:30pm on a Friday afternoon and had nothing else to do for the foreseeable future, I may as well offer up some sort of preview. Fun!

Obviously MotoGP is awesome and ranks highly amongst the few things in this life that I consider worth getting out of bed for if not my actual nightwear. Last season was another masterclass from Valentino Rossi, yet one can't help wonder what might have happened had Casey Stoner not had his funny turn halfway through the season.

For me it's a two horse race again this year between Vale and what appears to be a fully fit Casey Stoner. The top four places have in the past few seasons resembled the Premier League to a certain extent. Always dominated by the same four dudes; Rossi, Stoner, Lorenzo and ickle Dani Pedrosa - collectively referred to in motocycle racing circles as 'the aliens.' To quote Toby Moody - Motocycle racing's answer to John Motson only not as mental - "there may an abduction this year." Who will be MototGP's Liverpool?

I can see young Jorge being fast and maybe winning some races, but little Dani Pedrosa has gone at the game. Ironically he's physically fit, just he can't sort his bike settings out or something, but he's way back in the practice session times and looks to be a write off for the Championship.

Who will nip into the vacant fourth place? Who who? Well now..some new dudes have arrived. Marco Simoncelli for example. I can never figure out what to make of this young whipper snapper. It's his hair. If he wasn't Italian I would never let him get away with this. But they seem to be able to wear anything and look cool. I'm always in two minds as to whether or not I should email in to him and tell him to sort his fucking life out.

Simoncelli's 'Euro' - THE white man's afro, yesterday

How does he even fit it all under his helmet? It must be heavy and cost him at least 0.02 seconds a lap and more in the wet. You can't afford to give time away, not in MotoGP. This isn't 250's now young Marco. In real terms, he maybe does not have the bike for making any waves in the Championship standings, but a podium here and there? Why not indeed.

Another new chap EVERYONE is talking about, even my hairdresser, but I think she was talking about a stalker friend of hers, is Ben Spies. A Texan dude and current WSB champeeeen. He looks to be the real deal, but whenever people talk about Pheeeeenoms, I just can't help thinking of Paulie Two Thumbs and his Gary Anderson obsession. It's one thing to win at World Super Bikes - Kevin Schwantz called him the "Real Emporer of WSB" after embarrassing Max Biaggi, but he's sporting MotoGP leathers now and zis is a different proposition.

Ben Spies in new MotoGP livery yesterday

Schwantz seems to think young Ben can win a race in his first year and be fast the whole season, so a long shot punt on him winning "without the big 4" might be worth a few coppers. Elsewise you're looking at maybe young Nicky Hayden rediscovering some form or maybe possibly Dovi who I lost many monies on last year, but I still have faith in.

This weekend it's the awesome night race in Qatar. Casey always wins this so we're looking at podium betting. Who will finish third in effect. Actually the last four years it's always either been Vale, little Dani or Lorenzo. then, it's qualifying in a couple of hours so I will not nail my colours to anyone's mast until I've had a thorough butchers at who's doing what and how and so on, but I shall predict a change this year. I er...just won't say how. Tee hee, well go on then possibly for me Nicky Hayden at the prices.

Good luck with all your bets.

Championship betting;

Rossi 5/4
Stoner 7/4
Lorenzo 4/1
16/1 bar those

Qatar betting;

Stoner 5/4
Rossi 6/4
Lorenzo 9/2
Others - Ben Spies 25/1 (each-way 1/5 odds 3 places)

Winner without 'big 4':
Ben Spies 6/4
Dovizioso 6/4
Hayden 4/1
Edwards 4/1


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