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4/01/2010 02:57:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Most people don't apply gendered pronouns to sandwiches, but I do. Take the Subway meatball marinara for example, she's a beautiful sandwich. Every time I go to the Subway place I arrive with the intention of trying something else, but under pressure, when I'm asked what I want I just instinctively blurt out "footlong meatball sub please."

I'm never disappointed of course as she's so good, in fact I often wonder if I'd rather have her than have my cock sucked. But anyway, this is not another sammich post. I wanted to discuss something else, but I've genuinely forgotten what it was. It might have been about Fascism. Or maybe Benfica? I think it was about Fascism, but I think I ought to plan that post in some detail first.

It'll come to me I'm sure. I've grown tired now. I was at the big house this morning early doors. I must rest. I shall let you know if my original point of order returns to me. In the meantime, some music.

This came on the radio as I drove home. I wondered if secretly Ronan, who is quite rotund, had his own special sammich in mind when he recorded this instead of some random bint who wouldn't taste half as nice.

Actually before I go, all of you right-wing fascist dudes who read my blog - you know who you are - just so you know: Hitler was left-wing. LEFT wing. He was a Nationalist Socialist. He may have been racist also, but your right-wing politics wouldn't sit well with him as he wanted to control everything.

He wanted his fingers on every button, sort of like Gordon Brown only with less dithering. So next time you go stomping down the High Street on one of your silly bollocks racist marches with your boots and your gay boy hair cuts, don't be Sieg Heiling and throwing out the Nazi salute cause that's like running up and down Avenall Road in a Tottenham shirt. Are we clear on that? Good. Well, I'll see you later then.



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