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4/28/2010 01:17:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Oh fuck

Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuck

It's the poetic justice of it all that has so made my day. I do of course feel bad for Mrs Duffy that she has been so humiliated by the man she thought was devoted to defending her, but if her mistreatment speeds up the demise of this odorous totalitarian lunatic, then her embarrassment will carry with it an inherent nobility.

This of course is a man who has systematically removed the privacy of the individual. A CCTV camera on every corner, a snooping nanny-state and a variety of hotlines for shopping in the neighbours who may or may not be up to no good and so on...for him to ultimately be unmasked by a piece of surveillance equipment himself will almost be worth having endured his time as Prime Minister in the first place.

And it gets better, if he was remiss before, he has not learned his lesson. He has just appeared on the Jeremy Vine radio show to apologise and explain himself, but was seemingly unaware his confession was also being shown live on TV. Now there's a man who doesn't learn his lessons.

Fantastic stuff. They're saying this won't have an impact on the election ultimately, but I fancy this is just the kind of thing that does destroy campaigns and politicians. Let's hope it snaps him in two like an excruciatingly painful compound fracture of the spine.

**Mrs Duffy is a widow who's husband died of cancer and worked with handicapped children. Essentially she may be the nicest pensioner in the country.


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