I won't do that yesterday

4/15/2010 01:18:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Did I really say that?: I'm afraid you did Gordon

I've only just unearthed this gem from Gordon Brown -- a response to a question about possible VAT rises:

"We've never actually made any pledge about the VAT rate, but I can give you an absolute assurance we have not raised the rate of VAT since 1997."

Haha, only Gordon Brown would audaciously attempt to score points with the electorate by promising not to have done something in the past. Conversely he's also capable of breaking a promise yesterday he made today.

I'm telling you if George Orwell had put a Gordon Brown type character in a novel you'd have thought it a load of disbelievable double minus plus bollocks. I'm starting to like him.


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