This is why we don't need Trident

4/24/2010 01:47:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Yes, Prime Minister is genius. It's incredible how relevant it still is today.
Anyone finding themselves respecting our politicians should quickly watch
an episode in order to restore absolute contempt for them

Trident was necessary when this brilliant series was written, but it is a waste of money now not only because we face a different threat, but also because, while they were only joking about it in this episode, none of our potential leaders today would have the courage to use it.

Trident is only effective if the theory behind deterrence is correct as you don't get another shot at this if you're wrong and in today's climate I think it is wrong. If you're up against an enemy who couldn't give a monkey's if they live or die - say for example a couple of million fanatically extremist Muslims in Iran who can't wait to get up in the morning to Martyr themselves - then our deterrent is instantly rendered redundant.

Secondly, even if our war heads were still trained on Moscow or similar non-suicidal commie terror and we were under an attack as we speak, we have at present, leading our three main parties, a coterie of the most craven, rubber-spined Parliamentarian jobbers in all of this countries functioning democratic history.

It is laughable to believe that any of them could be entrusted to find the courage to actually launch one of these weapons at anyone. Gordon Brown wouldn't even commit to naming his favourite biscuit for crying out loud, a paralysed David Cameron would simply wet himself and Nick Clegg probably punches with his thumbs tucked into his fists.

If this weapons systems are costing us £100bn I would rather ditch it and invest the money in our conventional army. Quite frankly I would rather arm a regiment of squaddies from Toxteth with unlimited rounds of ammunition and as many grenades and rocket launchers as they could carry and point them in the direction of Tehran than entrust this country's security to the current crop of weak-kneed pasty poltroons masquerading as Statesmen.

Come 'ed slags.

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