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The football season is, for all intents and purposes, over. Unless Chelsea some how beat Manchester United tomorrow and over the weekend the medical boffins figure out how to mend busted legs instantly by applying some sort of balm, there's nothing left to be gotten for the Arsenal. Sob.

Fortunately, Sunday is baseball. Now obviously the first cazzilion games of the regular season don't mean an awful lot, but it allows us to ease into a new sport without any pressures, affording us time to forget the perennial soul destroying misfortunes of the N5 area.

Betting wise, again due to the sheer volume of meaningless games, we're mostly concerning ourselves with putting together a cheeky ante-post portfolio that will make us rich beyond our mildest dreams in October.

In between funny turns I've searched the internets which is a series of toobs and had meetings with my expert baseball moles camped out in little mounds in the outfield of the spring training facilities of every team and my findings are intriguing. We might be able to pull off somewhat of a coup. A couple of coups in fact.

Let's start in the Mercan League as this is all I'm bothered with (the National League seems to be dominated by Philadelphia and that city creeps me out). The AL is where the intrigue lies like an alligator lurking below the surface in the swamps ready to bite the head off it's unsuspecting prey. Snap snap snap.

It's all about the AL East for my monies. Your Bostons, your Tampa Bays and your Yankees. Everyone else, like Gordon Brown, is just making up the numbers.

Boston; Here's your winners of the Mercan League. If you read the Boston press you'd think they had no chance of noffin', but no people. NO! WAR! Not only will they score more runs than the Boston Globe has predicted, they'll also prevent more.

You fat bastard, you fat bastard etc: Boof Bonser

The dudes they've brought in, John Lackey, Adrian Beltre, Marco Scutaro, appear to be offering up defensive qualities, along with that fat pitching cunt Boof who'll angry up the blood of every Yankee fan on many occasion this season. Who on earth legally changes his name to Boof? I hate people like him, he reminds me of that golfer Boo something. No idea how to behave in public.

Tampa Bay; Loaded with talent this year. After falling off the perch last season following their 2008 World Series appearance, they ought to rediscover their form this year and to the detriment of the Yankees. I'm hearing and reading nothing but good things about the Rays which is bad news for my boys...

New York Yankees; Too old. They're just too damn old. My damned Yankees will not be repeating. Despite dumping the aging Johnny Damon and Matsui, they're still overly reliant on Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera. The Yanks are not just a lay for the World Series Pennant, they're a lay for the AL and the AL East. My moles and some of my beavers are actually suggesting they won't make the post-season because of the resurgence of the Rays.

Older than Grandpa, Derek Jeter yesterday

As the season progresses and begins to take its toll their price ought to drift. So this is where we can make some monies. The Yankees are favourites for most things as far as I can see, so there will be much much laying that needs to be done now, NOW while the prices are favourable.

As a dark horse, I'm hearing that the Oakland Athletics might be a cheeky surprise victor in the AL West. Priced at something like 8/1 as we speak, you've got four teams all bunched around the .500 mark so they must surely be worth a few shillings?

In the National League where they don't even play proper rules, it's probably pointless looking any further than the Phillies again. I don't know. I like to ignore that whole league if I can.

If you were wanting to have a wee wager on the opener on Sunday between the Yanks and Redsox, betting on the unders seems to me to be the way to go. No prices up yet though.

To be continued...


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Comment by Paul on 3 April 2010 at 09:25

I love the old Mercan sports as you know, but i must admit to need bringing up to speed, certainly when it comes to Baseball and Hockey.

I can never understand why they say the games in April don't mean much when surely they count exactly the same as a win in September?

Comment by Rich on 3 April 2010 at 11:59

Meaningless is probably not the right word, there's just not the same urgency about games at the beginning of the season so from a betting point of view it's almost like betting on friendlies in football.

162 games in Baseball and 82 in hockey mean you can start very slowly and still have the time to make the post-season. Where as in the NFL you only play 16 games you need to win from the start.

That's what I always say anyway.

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