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4/23/2010 04:08:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

"Oh boy, the Iranians are going to love you Nick."-- Gordon Brown's
sheet of prepared come-backs and one liners yesterday

"If it's about style and PR, count me out..," that was how Gordon Brown opened his debate last night, those were his exact words. Fair enough, but does a man of substance not interested in style really bring to a debate a sheet of prepared one-liners and put downs!? How fucking embarrassing.

Did Gordon not even read my blog yesterday? What did I tell him about making jokes...

"if he over does it and intends to open the debate with some Mother-in-law gags and attempts a few one liners, he ought to keep a taxi waiting as a hasty retreat may be necessary." continue reading here

His sheet notes, caught by an over-head camera last night, show clearly his line about Cameron and Clegg reminding him of his "two boys squabbling at bath time" was a scripted line probably given to him by Ed Balls.

Another equally lame insult he was probably choking to unleash on Clegg, included this shocker which you can see on his sheet beneath the underlined thing about the Iranians, "You can phone a friend, you can ask the audience, you can go 50-50 with Nick."

As someone who has been a practicing comedy smith for most of my speaking life, I find the idea of people actually writing jokes down in the hope of being able to use them later, to be utterly disgusting. It's how Bob Monkhouse built his entire career and I only hope Bob's final moments on this earth were incredibly painful ones because of it. This is the antithesis of humour and those guilty of it deserve no mercy.

If you don't have a sense of humour so what, there's nothing wrong with that, just don't make jokes though. I for example have never been any good at brain surgery, but you don't see me cracking open people's heads to give it a go anyway.


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