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4/23/2010 02:33:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

There's an awful lot of pish-posh written in the newspapers and the politcal Blogospheres and Twitterspheres at the moment, much of it recently comparing the various three leaders to anyone from Winston Churchill to Adolf Hitler, and I think before we carry on with this election campaign we need to just get one thing perfectly clear - Adolf Hitler was left-wing. LEFT wing. Not right wing. He was the leader of the National Socialist Labour Party. Are you people hearing me? SOCIALIST LABOUR party.

Of course he hated Communism, believing Karl Marx to be a Jewish incarnation of Satan, but Hitler's ideology was still Socialism, just a different form. So let's just get our insults right shall we, or if we can't show due diligence with these insulting comparisons let's just stick to more traditional basic insults such as cunt or dogging sex pest and so on.

In other news, regular readers of my blog will be aware I often come to some serious harm in my sleep and unfortunately we've suffered another inexplicable injury - this time to my big toe. It's getting absurd really. I've broken more bones in the middle of the night while wrapped in a thick duvet and laying on a mattress filled with pleasantly heated water than in all my times as a mouthy youth scuffling in car parks with fellows many times bigger than me. As we speak I can barely walk. I am baffled as to how this injury has come about. More on this later.

Sport now and the NHL play-offs are starting to get very intriguing indeed people. New Jersey have fallen at the first hurdle. I said a strong team would fall and it was beginning to look like it might be my boys, but they appear to have found their feet and not before time. Phoenix and Detroit in Glendale tonight will be a cracker.

Paulie two thumbs will of course be asleep on top of a strumpet somewhere in a hedge when the puck is dropped for this game, but it's a game I am eagerly anticipating. I would be very pleased to see Detroit lose and will set some organic milk out for the Gods in order to secure a victory for the Coyotes.

I shall now go and rest until something else needs to be said. In the meantime, a hockey strumpet..

(The five hole in hockey is the gap between the goalies legs)

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