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There's nothing more likely to bring my simmering juices to the boil than the NHL play-offs. Having read the musings of young Daniel Negreanu just this morning, I thought I might as well offer up my own prognostications and bets, that's what I thought.

Daniel of course has the advantage of us here in the Englands. The NHL play-off markets here are sparse. Just series winner and series score and Money Line and goal handicap match betting. Lame!

So, our betting opportunities are few and far between. I hadn't planned on getting too heavily involved anyway as I have nailed my colours to the mast earlier doors. Chicago are my boys and I shall stick with them. I was on at 11's pre-season and a wee bit more at 7's a few months ago. Our play-off bets will be just for fun. Fun fun fun. So let's see what we can see.

Where to begin. Well now, there is usually an upset in the first round when one of the stronger teams gets gubbed on the snaff©* and it's been a tricky proposition trying to figure out who this team might be this time around.

As you will hear many many times these next few weeks if you watch the games, goaltending wins play-off games. I can't recall a season though where so many of the stronger teams have such average goaltending. Washington and San Jose in particular are woefully short between the pipes, but ought to be able to compensate - at least in the earlier rounds - as they both have so much fire power.

I'm struggling to find where this first round surprise is going to come from. Perhaps it won't this year? San Jose are usually the first place you look for play-off choker, but Colorado is a perfect match-up for them. I agree wholeheartedly with young Daniel here, I can see San Jose sweeping the Avs.

I will not even contemplate Chicago losing. I think they also have a good match-up with Nashville. But now let's not be gay about this. We're betting for fun so let's stick our neck right out giraffe style. NO half measures right? Well then I'm gonna back the Canadiens to beat the red-hot Washington Capitals. Yeah I said it, I said that shit. The Washington Capitals who have scored 318 goals this season to lose in round one.

Montreal actually have a good record against the Capitals and it's a funny old place to go and play. They still inexplicably think they're French up there in Quebec and that has to be disorientating for the visiting Capitals. The Habs are 5.40 to win the series so I'll put this in a sumptuous Yankee.

Now fun is fun, but I don't want to give my monies away. So now we've gone out on a limb with the Canadiens bet, let's make sure the remaining wagers are a little more secure.

I don't want to bet on my boys as I've already done so and I don't want to back Buffalo as we backed them at 26.0 a few weeks ago. Soooo, I'm gonna go for a series win for Los Angeles at 3.00 as part of our Yankee. I have no faith in Roberto Luongo and I think the Canucks still are too dependent on the ginger Sedin twins - who even after ten years in Vancouver still creep me out.

Dodgy keeeepah!: Roberto Luongo

Detroit are an intriguing one for me. I look upon the Redwings as the NHL's Manchester United. I therefore have a total lack of respect for them. So it's hard for me to size up their chances objectively.

However, I will make an attempt anyway. I cant have them as 1.58. Not as the road team. Phoenix have come off an amazing end to the season and I still can't have the Redwings as potential cup winners. They're in a transitional year and although they always show up for the play-offs - much like Germany in World Cups - I don't fancy them. They may very well win this series, but they're a lay for me at the price. Selection three of our Yankee therefore is a series win for Phoenix @ 2.66.

A sign of things to come?: Detroit gubbed on the snaff©
by Phoenix earlier in the season

Finally I shall plump for an easy one. New Jersey to win their series with the Flyers at 1.50. The Flyers really ought to think about drafting a goalie one of these years.

So then to sum up, for the first round;

Yankee: Montreal to win series @ 5.40, L.A. Kings to win series @ 3.00, New Jersey to win series @ 1.50, Phoenix to win series @ 2.66


*the phrase "gubbed on the snaff" meaning to lose at a short price, is copyrighted by this blog, but use it if you want, see if I care.


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