4/07/2010 06:44:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Here's how much nonsense our democratic process is. We've got a nation of voters, most of whom no longer have the intelligence to think for themselves, who will vote for a bunch of people with only a modicum of intelligence themselves who are completely unqualified to make the decisions they will be charged to make and are totally reliant on a team of expert advisers to do the job.

Meanwhile it's an election no one can actually win anyway; Labour can't win because they've so royally fucked things up the nation is utterly sick of them, the Conservatives can't win because of our electoral system and the Liberal Democrats can't win because they're not for real.

The upshot of it all then is that Gordon Brown, the unelected leader of the Labour Party and the currently unelected Prime Minister, could very well remain as Prime Minister after effectively losing the first election he's ever stood for...while Vince Cable, a Liberal Democrat - the party that will never ever form another Government in this country ever - moves into Number 11 as Chancellor.

And we've invaded not one, but two countries to try and impose this beacon of democracy on other nations! I'm laughing as I type this in order to stem the flow of tears.



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