Brown's last attempt to prove he is shit?

4/15/2010 12:51:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Now of course if we're to install a fascist dictator as our state leader we will have to dispose of our current crop of Parliamentarians. I haven't done the figures, but a series of hangings brought to the British people live on the terrestrial channels ought to clear out most of them within a few weeks.

I think this would be very popular, this is surely what people really envisage when they talk so enthusiastically of a hung parliament and would certainly bring in viewing figures that would dwarf the ratings for these nonsense leadership debates we're about to have imposed on us.

Speaking of which, one has to assume that Gordon Brown has signed up for these staged squabbles because deep down within the blackness of his soul he is desperate to lose this election. He is in effect committing political hara-kiri only without the honour.

While he has wanted to be Prime Minister since before his testicles descended, he can't lie to himself any longer. He knows he has been a disaster and possibly the worst Prime Minister anywhere ever and wants it over with, but sacrificing himself and his party hasn't been as simple as he assumed it would be.

Despite causing one of the worst economic disasters the country has ever experienced (and even admitting so yesterday), despite a shambolic execution of two wars and an utter betrayal of the armed forces, despite abandoning the poorest members of society his party is supposed to protect and despite being so fundamentally unlikable, he has, to his horror I should imagine, found that the country still believe he is the man for the job! One would laugh if the consequences weren't so horrific.

With May 6th just around the corner these leadership debates appear to be his last ditch attempt to prove once and for all that he is utterly unsuitable even to be out in public without trained supervision let alone to be afforded five more years as PM.

I fancy he'll succeed. Depressingly, people may care more about appearances than actual issues. It's a sorry state of affairs that the thing most likely to end his chances of winning this election could be a rogue bead of sweat trickling down his face Richard Nixon style or an attempt at a joke going hideously wrong and not how utterly incompetent he has been. I still have faith however, that just being shit will be enough to end his career.

Don't sweat it Gordon, you're shit enough to lose without doing a Nixon


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