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4/24/2010 04:03:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

No one will ever know, it's not like we're popular: Clegg and Cable
discuss their fraudulent expense claims at their party
conference and share information on local dogging sites.

There's nothing more likely to curdle the milk in my tea first thing in the afternoon than Nick Clegg's flock of hypocritical Sadomasochistic Vegans continuing to insist that they represent a new kind of politics.

Let's ignore the fact the Lib-Dems are actually the oldest of the three parties really - this new politics they're offering looks disturbingly like the old politics that has had people almost rioting in the streets recently, 'speshly over this expenses scandal nonsense.

When boy wonder Clegg launched his party's manifesto he discussed in detail how bankers were delivered to us from the inside of Satan's arse. They shouldn't be imposing unfair bank charges on us when we go over-drawn, he explained, and they shouldn't be accepting bonuses until our bail-out money has been repaid in full. Which is all fair enough.

Nick Clegg also thinks that while many MP's expenses claims (including his own) were in good faith and within the rules, they still had a 'moral obligation' to repay the money as they were not in the 'spirit' of the rules as it were. Well this is also fair enough.

However, these opinions and moral obligations apparently don't apply to the Lib-Dems themselves; Their biggest donor - a convicted douchebag called Michael Brown - gave £2.4millions to the Lib-Dems, probably to buy ball-gags and bespoke sex dungeons for their party headquarters, but this money was not his to give. He stole it from many many people.

The Lib-Dems will be keeping every penny of it though. They say it was received in good faith and they have not broken any rules in accepting it, as if that is in anyway relevant, but OK then, what about the 'moral obligation' to pay it back?

I'm hearing 'new politics,' but all I'm seeing is the fraudulent, unscrupulous, double-dealing and douchebaggery of the old politics we've all come to know and love.

Vince Cable tried to defend this hypocrisy on the Campaign Show and in doing so made himself once again look like the doddering sex pest he really is. I'm told by a BBC source he sported stockings and a cock-ring during the show.

"I believe bank bosses have a moral obligation to pay that money back. If they had a shred of moral decency, they would never have imposed these charges and they would never have refused to pay them back" -- Nick Clegg on unfair bank charges

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