Achtung! Schnel, Crazyenbündaspricenbitten

4/06/2010 10:46:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

My current attempts at spinning up a Vegas bankroll are progressing well. Beginning with Blue Square's free £66 I was able to make one or two successful wagers and now have £400. By my calculations I will need something in the region of two bags of sand, so it's a long way to go people, but isn't it fun! It's like having my own Blue Peter totaliser.

Our next bet will be on Bayern München to beat Manchester United on Wednesday; a £49.30 win bet at 4/1. When I first saw this price I could only assume it was compiled by a Blue Square employee who had enjoyed a lengthy liquid lunch and been attacked on his way back to the office by a gang of horrible asylum seeking Muslims, after his mobile phone and other belongings.

Instead of seeking out an A&E unit, like a trooper, he's instead staggered back to the office to complete his bookmaking for the day. Next on his list being the Champions League quarter-final between Manchester United and Bayern München.

But with brains and blood all over his front and motor skills completely shot to pieces he has no ability to make informed decisions so has just started punching numbers randomly, before collapsing and his forehead banging down on the Enter key. In the panic to get the man to hospital no one has checked his work and the prices remained available.

This was to me, the only way Bayern could be considered a 4/1 shot to win this game in 90 minutes. But no, it appears all bookmakers have a similar price! So unless they all went to lunch together and were all attacked I can only conclude this is a bookmaking phenomena. Did none of them watch United's hopeless attempts at giving Chelsea a game?

Are they honestly making an arguement that if this game were played five times - with United missing Wayne Rooney - Jerry would only win once? Only Manchester United are given such an exaggerated level of respect - United and England when the World Cup is approaching anyway.

Sooooo, I expect this to be a winning wager and consequently spinning our balance up to something like £600. After which all we'll need to do is seek out a 3/1 shot and we'll have our bank roll. FUN!

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