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5/07/2010 11:18:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I've been asleep most of today, so I've only just caught up with the progress of the electoral stitch-up going on behind the scenes. Everyone appears to be saying the Liberal Democrats have no bargaining power as their support yesterday was so dire, but I it's the opposite no?

The magic number to win a majority is 326 (possibly a few less depending on what happens in Northern Ireland). Soo, given that the Conservatives have 307 seats, any other party with 19 or more seats has the chance to be "king-makers."

The least number of seats you have won over 19 the more you are punching above your weight then surely? The Lib Dems have only 8 percent of seats with 57, but they have way more than 8 percent of the influence. They're the only other single party apart from Labour with more than the 19 seats needed to build a coalition with David "I failed" Cameron. So this has been a successful election for them.

Even if they had only won 20 seats, they would still have the same level of bargaining power. The only thing that is denied them, is the option of forming a coalition with Labour as the two parties together don't have the 326 seats required for a majority, but the Conservatives were always going to be the biggest party so this is ultimately irrelevant anyway.

Also, Gordon Brown needs to pack up his pots and pans and leave. All three parties throughout this campaign have been talking about the need for a new kind of politics. Of doing away with the skullduggery of the old ways..yet he's using a technicality in our antiquated constitution to cling to his job. Yes, by the letter of the law he has a right to remain as PM until Cameron can put together a coalition, but that doesn't mean it's the dignified, or moral thing to do.

It's clinging to the letter of the law that caused the expenses scandal. And has he forgotten his little speech back in 1992 when it looked like John Major's Conservatives were going to lose and Labour were going to end up with the most seats;

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