Mexico v England cont..

5/26/2010 02:20:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

'El que no brinque es puto' - Anyone not jumping is a bitch
This of course does not apply to the Mexican defense trying to deal with set pieces.

I am almost recovered from witnessing the slaughter of England by my Mexican warriors. Having spent a few hours with a good 4-5000 Mexicans I fail to understand why America is so keen to keep them out of their country.

The Government of course only pretends they want to keep illegals out of the country as their very way of life depends on them sneaking over the boarder to work all the shitty jobs. American people however have no cause to be so hostile.

Mexicans are laid back, they can all play the trumpet, their food is lovely and they all sound like Speedy Gonzalez which is very funny. I was sat in front of the six amigos on Monday I can tell you right now with 100% confidence, if they all lived in my street my life would be up to 45% more enjoyable.

You keeeeeeck like a woooooman: why would you knock up a wall to keep
these honest to goodness chaps out of your world?

On the football side of things I have to say judging by the radio phone in show I listened to on the way home, I was far more satisfied with the game than the England fans were. One of the reasons I was so driven to abandon England six years ago was because of how utterly miserable and negative England fans and the media can be. And this deep seated sense of foreboding is compounded when you look at it from the outside sat amongst 5,000 4ft 8 singing and dancing Mexicans.

You've got a team of world renowned cabillionaire superstar players and Leighton Baines (ha was he really playing??) playing in a cazillion pound stadium, which incidentally is the size of a fucking planet, England win the game in terms of actual goals scored and that apparently is not enough for some fans.

England needs to be tickled. You need to do something to chill the fuck out because if you get your arse hairs up over only beating Mexico in terms of actual goals scored 3-1, then you've got no chance of coping emotionally with getting knocked out of the World Cup in the group stages without expensive professional counseling.

Mexico on the other hand I thought played very well, not entirely a full strength team as they're playing Holland on Wednesday, but encouraging stuff despite the one teeny tiny issue of not being able to hit a cow's culo with a banjo or defend set pieces what with only having one player over 6ft.

They're finishing has been terrible these last few friendly games and I so desperately wanted Carlos Vela the Gooner to score. Chicharito also has been quite, not coincidentally since he joined Manchester United, shit. Never mind though, they will come good and my 150.0 will look ridiculous when they line up once again against England in the Quarter Finals.

England's grumpy old fans were roundly booed in the first half as
they refused to join in with our Mexican wave, only in the second
half when they were winning in terms of actual goals scored did they find a
sense of humour and indulge in some fun.

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Comment by donnie on 26 May 2010 at 14:25

its very hard to tell anything from warm=up games. both teams were poor. i thought mexico shaded it, but the defending from set pieces was so poor. was loving the mexico fans!

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