England v Mexico

5/18/2010 10:07:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Javier Hernandez fully aware of the value of his shirt

I've just now been negotiating with one of my Mexican brothers somewhere in the barren wastes of virtual bandit country in order to finally deliver to me one of these most rarest of football shirts - the Mexico away shirt, long sleeved version.

For to own one of these shirts is a big deal amongst fans of El Tri and sports jersey type collector people in general. It's not available you see to the public. Lord knows why. So anyway, some rich dude in Texas has managed to get hold of a few that are player issue - the rarest of the rare. Very nice they are too. The only other alternative is to purchase a fake replica from some Mexican "entrepreneur" - I am also in negotiations with someone exploring this avenue.

In other Mexican related news, they're playing England next week and I am still as we speak umming and ahhing about going. It'll be an intriguing fixture. England all in white, Mexico all in black. England shit, Mexico awesome. There's talk of switching the fixture to the Emirates as Wembley's pitch is so disgraceful there's a serious danger of injuries to England's soft-boned chicken-hearted, precious kittens. Bless. I'd definitely go if it was played at Arsenal's stadium.

Either way it'll end 1-0 to Mexico. This must surely represent the only opportunity I'm ever likely to get to watch my diminutive warriors live, but of course as with every potential away trip at the moment the same obstacle remains in my path: can I be arsed?

How much will I regret not going if Mexico not only win, but Wayne Rooney is carted off with a broken spine having lost a confrontation with the colossus Carlos Salcido and John Terry is brought down by a crunching tackle from Rafael Marquez which puts his very life in danger?

I think I have to go. I must go. Will they let me in if I'm wearing my pajamas? Only time will tell.

**Update - I have bought myself a ticket so I can bond with my Mexican brethren and witness the slaughter of England.

Wayne Rooney with a functioning spine



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