It's a trap!...I think. It is a trap isn't it Dave?

5/12/2010 11:52:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Parvenu Nick Clegg about to get what's coming to him

I must give David Cameron his dues. He's clearly a more devious and cunning campaigner than I had given him credit for. I can only assume that now he has bent the Conservative Party over in order to accept the Liberal Democrat's penis in a voluntary act of party political sodomy, he will at the last moment draw up his party's trousers and call another general election thus leaving that snake, that parasite, that parvenu Nick Clegg and his party, with their collective trousers down, thus exposing them to the nation as the devious, duplicitous, conniving and domineering band of stamp collecting, sexually aggressive communists we here at Voy Por Ustedes always knew them to be.

It's so devious I'm almost sexually aroused by it. Surely now that the keys to Number 10 are his, Cameron, in consultation with George Osborne, will announce to the nation that the accounts are in a terrible state. Far worse than they had suspected. They will then concede that they do not have a mandate to introduce the savage level of cuts required to reverse the horrendous annual spend and once again ask the nation to go to the polls in order to obtain that mandate.

The Labour party of course have no money and cannot compete in another election, the Liberal Democrats too have no ability to finance the sort of devious, under-hand campaigns they rely on to deceive the electorate into parachuting their bearded morris-dancing loony-toons into the House of Commons. The British people will also frown upon their double dealing during the coalition negotiations and their ultimate betrayal of forming a grotesque conjoined twinned Government with a party so fundamentally opposed to their whacky ideologies.

The Conservatives will win in a landslide. No longer having to concede on policy or Cabinet positions or electoral and political reform and both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats will be swept from the British political landscape for ever.

Aha, aha, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Er..I can only assume that's what he's doing, otherwise he's just engineered the most rubber-spined and pointless acquiescences since the Germans so readily accepted the terms of the Treaty of Versailles.


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