Stephen Timms stabbed

5/14/2010 05:08:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Labour MP for East Ham Stephen Timms has been stabbed in the chest during a constituency event at a local community centre.

Police were on the scene immediately, something that doesn't often happen when people get stabbed in that part of the country and he was rushed to hospital, something which also does not often happen in that part of the country.

A police spokesman said as of yet there appears to be no motive for the attack on Timms who was a stalwart of a 13 year Labour Government that ignored the plight of the poorest sections of society, consistently lied to the nation about the measures it was taking to combat social deprivation, knife crime and the almost third world conditions of the inner city communities.

"Baffling stuff," added a Labour spokesman. "What on Earth would possess someone living in squalid conditions, in a violent community, with no prospects for a better future to knife a Labour MP?"

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