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5/16/2010 12:40:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Ed Milliband is a shifty little fucker isn't he? He's got bad eyes, dark eyes, dead eyes. Already for me he's proven you can't trust him. He declared his intention to run for the leadership of the Labour party at a Fabian Society do!

Are you familiar with Fabianism? It essentially means sneaking up on people. Not openly confronting people man style with integrity and principle. It's about catching people unawares and imposing undesirable conditions on them without them even noticing. You want someone like him running the country? Oh wait..

David Milliband is even worse. The most astonishing coward. The Labour party leadership contest has at it's core a white hot mixture of chicanery, cowardice, double-dealing, unfaithfulness and hucksterism.

Amongst this slither of career politicians, bureaucrats and quill-driving villainous communists lies the very end of life as we know it. Fortunately we'll be long since doomed before they get another crack at strangling the last breaths of freedom and liberty out of us all. Phew!

Sport now and it appears Amir Khan wasn't able to knock out Paulie Malignaggi. I'm afraid this means Amir Khan is an utterly inconsequential cunt. I was going to spend my winnings on some new jumpers. Not now though.

I've heard tell of a play-off final this afternoon involving Oxford. I have no idea who they're playing, but I fancy them to lose. Oxford for me have always been cloaked in failure. It's something that they've always been very good at, so I might have a few shillings on the other team.

Obviously the main event of the day is game one of the Western Conference final between the hawks and San Jose. I believe they drop the puck at 8pm proper time so I may have to give the Pigeon's game a miss as they may not win if I don't watch it.

On the other hand, the Blackhawk games I missed in the previous rounds of the play-offs because I was either unable to stay awake or I'd had too much Sailor Jerry rum, were all won. So perhaps they might do better if I do go to the Pigeons. I am defending champion also I think.

I'll discuss this with myself over tea and crumpets now. Enjoy your Sunday then.

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