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Electoral reform: dodgy meetings in the middle of the night

....unless it's Gordon Brown.

In order to fully appreciate what a slimy whore we're dealing with in the Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg we have to take a look at his background. His mother is Dutch, his father was a banker, his paternal grandmother was a Russian Baroness who fled the Bolsheviks after the Russian revolution and his great-great-grand-father, Ignaty Zakrevsky, was attorney general of the imperial Russian senate. Clegg is married to a Roman Catholic Spaniard.

When you're produced from a gene pool so polluted by inherent sexual deviancy and social superiority and married to someone from a country where duplicity, skulduggery and doing as little work as possible for the maximum profit are its defining characteristics, it's no surprise that Nick Clegg has no scruples at all with whoring out his integrity and principles and the nation's future to prop up a failed Government in order to obtain for himself a position of power the previous generations of his family with a Y chromosome took for granted.

Hello Mr Brown, would you like a date?

This entire election Nick Clegg has campaigned on a ticket of change. Of moral superiority, of giving our Parliament back to the British people. Of breaking off the shackles of a corrupt political process, yet what he is now about to deliver makes the expenses scandal seem completely inconsequential and an understandable error of judgment. If we were a Latin country the House of Commons would be on fire by now, instead people just email in to the BBC...."I'm very cross indeed." Margaret Fiddly-Walton, Tunbridge Wells.

In order to obtain for himself a position of power he will now abandon everything he stood for before the election and prop up a Government that has rolled this country slowly and steadily to the very edge of the economic abyss. He will keep men and women in powerful jobs who are grubby thieves and liars who deserve nothing more than to have their necks snapped in a series of public hangings for the treasonous betrayal of trust we so stupidly placed in them. Snap snap snap..

Britain is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. This is the only issue that matters as we speak. There is no time to focus on anything else. Electoral reform is not a national issue. Most people don't even know what you mean by first-past-the-post, or proportional-representation. In fact most people don't vote, let alone care how elections are conducted, yet as part of this stitch-up it will be imposed on us as part of the Lib-Dem sweetener.

This is only an issue for the Liberal Democrats because a change in the voting system is the only way they have a future. They claim to only have the national interest at heart, yet the only people that will benefit are the Lib-Dem nudists, pagans and morphine addicts who make up their parliamentary party and who see Clegg has some sort of Jim Jones type cult leader. I hope they all kill themselves.

This backroom stitch up in fact is exactly what you get with a PR voting system. Gordon Brown will now bribe all the Celtic parties and dump all the costs of public service rapings onto the English tax payer. Before the year is out we will eating each other in order to stay alive. This of course is what they want. Those sneaky conniving Celts and Nick Clegg the closet Spaniard - his wife is probably still bitter over Trafalgar - they've always hated us.

* * *

The only way I can see a future for us where we aren't barbecuing our neighbours this winter is if David Cameron calls his bluff. Clegg was playing the two parties off against each other. Much like footballers do when their contracts are up for renewal. Clegg wanted to make Cameron aware that while he wanted to do a deal with him, he was also having talks with Real Madrid. He thought this would give him leverage to win a better deal.

What Clegg forgot to factor into the equation was that Gordon Brown is an infinitely more accomplished confidence trickster than he is. When Clegg spoke to Gordon Brown he did not expect him to suddenly appear before the crowds of reporters outside Number 10 like the shop keeper in Mr Benn and announce to the world that they had talked.

Clegg's greed has given Gordon Brown the smallest of opportunities to remain in power, but it might just be enough. Brown's resignation means nothing. He stated he'll remain in charge only until the economic future is secure or until the autumn conference season. A day is a long time in politics, four months is an incalculable period of time and gives Brown every opportunity to manouever his way through and round all those obstacles in the way of him keeping his job.

Cameron should now just cancel the deal with the Lib-Dems. He can claim the moral ground now. He can sit back and watch the rainbow alliance destroy itself and then win a massive majority in the autumn without having to concede anything. We are of course still doomed, but this latest Brown lead lunacy might at last lead to the end of Labour and the Liberal Democrats and in the meantime see the British people progress from composing angry emails to some proper Greek style civil unrest.

"I wish all you Romans had only one neck!"--Caligula


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