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5/08/2010 06:19:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Why can't this happen right...David Cameron announces that he wants to be Prime Minister and his party wishes to govern with a minority Government. No coalitions! NO. He then calls on Gordon Brown to step down and let him get on with it or try and form a coalition of his own, which of course is impossible for several reasons.

Why can't David Cameron just do that and dismiss Clegg and his silly group of whiny nancy boys and table tennis enthusiasts. He's loving all this attention. It makes me sick. Just tell him and his wonky mouthed loony-toons to fuck off.

The essential arithmetic of the voting from the election make a Labour coalition with anyone almost impossible. In order to reach the 326 votes, they'd need to bring at least four parties into their coalition, yet given the dynamics of those parties and the various ideologies, this is impossible. Also no one wants to work with Brown. They know the country hates him and do not want to be the ones responsible for keeping him in a job he never should have had in the firs place.

Finally, no party can afford another election. Labour and the Lib-Dems are broke and even Lord Ashcroft pockets are not deep enough to finance more of this nonsense. It's in everyone's interests to just let the Conservatives get on with it. Whoever takes over will be so unpopular anyway that you'd be crazy to want to be Prime Minister now anyway. We're doomed.

In other news, what on earth was that impromptu demonstration about from those Lib Dems voters? Electoral reform is not a priority for the country. Most people couldn't give a shit about the election as a whole, let alone how it's conducted. No one was talking about this election whenever I went out on an evening, not unless I brought the subject up and even then they'd quickly try and get me to talk about sammiches instead.

Proportional representation as listed on most people's priorities for change is somewhere between free pillows for everyone and the need for Alan 'Howling Laud' Hope's policy for socks to be sold in threes in case you lose one. Who cares? Apart from anything else PR gives parties like the BNP a greater opportunity to win seats in the House of Commons. Utter nonsense.

If the economy is not addressed now, there won't be any further elections as there won't be a country anymore. What world are these people living in? It's like being diagnosed with terminal cancer but refusing to begin your first course of Chemotherapy until you've been to the hairdressers for a haircut. If you don't start your treatment you'll be dead, it won't matter what your hair looks like and you'll lose it all anyway.


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