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Gordon Brown would slit the throats of his own children if it meant clinging to power for five more minutes. In order to deliver the speech he's just given he would have had to draw on all of his reserves of contempt for the English people and it's politics.

He has declared his intention to resign by the next Labour Party conference in the autumn, but in the mean time he would like to facilitate an alliance with the Lib-Dems to form a coalition Government (a government of losing parties) in order to sort the nation's economic crisis out. The crisis he caused in fact.

As always with Gordon Brown's speeches, you have to read between the lines of the lines between the lines before you uncover the full devastating truth of what he's actually proposing.

First of all, he knows there's no deal with the Lib-Dems while he's still Labour leader. So by resigning he's trying to make it look as if he's making a grandiose sacrifice. In reality, he's the leader of a party that has just suffered a humiliating defeat in the only election he's ever stood for and he should have resigned on the spot some time early on Friday morning.

He also knows that his party cannot form a majority coalition Government with the Lib-Dems alone, so it'll be the parties from the colonies that will complete this dodgy rainbow alliance and finally give them the 326 seats they need. In order to bring those parties into the fold he has to promise them though that the savage cuts on public services will not effect Wales, Scotland or Norn Iron. Therefore he's heaping the whole economic burden on the English tax payer. The English tax payers who are already massively subsidising the colonies. The English tax payer who so emphatically told Gordon Brown to fuck off last Thursday.

Added to which, once he has stepped down, a new man will step in and once again we will have another Labour Prime Minister who took no part in a general election campaign and was therefore unelected. According to Gordon Brown, this is the political and electoral reform the country is so desperately crying out for. Utterly fucking astonishing stuff.

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Anonymous on 10 May 2010 at 19:08

So what your saying Cuz is - It's like Man Utd and Portsmouth combining points and saying they beat Chelsea to the title !

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