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5/01/2010 01:35:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I'm hearing the Labour Party are now down to between 24%- 28% in the polls and this appears to be the moment they were told. It's great of course to see them all so dejected and miserable, but it's no consolation for the 13 years they have all spent abusing their powers and the nation's trust like a Catholic Priest abusing a generation of wee ones. If they were lining up for a firing squad I may be able to gain some closure, but no, like all those children I'll have to settle for some financial compensation instead.

Using young Nate Silver's swingometer we discussed in previous posts, it appears that when the Labour Party's poll rating reaches or dips below 28% this represents an inflection point of sorts and they really begin to collapse. Only a poll commissioned by Gordon Brown himself would put them above this mark at this point in the campaign, some polls have them as low as 24% - their worse poll rating for 92 years and worse then 1983 when Michael Foot did his level best to destroy the party. How fitting if the Labour Party and Michael Foot were to die in the same year.

So anyway, with all this in mind I have bought back my 'No overall majority' bet as I fancy the Tories will sneak in with a small majority of perhaps only 15-20 seats. A hung Parliament is still favourite, so I'll be taking the 2.42 for Conservative majority and why not thank you please.

In other betting news, obviously we've already identified the winner of the Kentucky Derby tomorrow; it looks as if it's going to rain so I fancy Dublin might just be a corking selection at 20/1 e/w. Sidney's Candy also well supported and in fact Sidney Crosby is having a great game for the Pittsburgh Penguins as we speak so this is surely an omen?

I've backed a completely arbitrary football Trixie; Man City, Reading and Birmingham. Not sure why but I should think that will be successful.

It's the MotoGP second round this Sunday from Jerez in Spain - the original second round was supposed to be in Tokyo but that absurd flying ban meant the teams couldn't get there so it had to be postponed. Ordinarily I would have a decent sized wager on Valentino Rossi here as this is a good track for him and a bad track for young Casey Stoner.

Rossi unfortunately is in poor physical condition having dislocated a shoulder recently. He claims it was a Moto Cross accident but my sources inform me he was attempting the complicated sexual mounting of a stable girl from Cadiz and became entangled in her bridle.

Like Valentino and future encounters with stable girls, I prefer not to get too heavily involved here, but I think if he'll forgive me, I will place-lay Rossi at 1.12.

There may be some hockey wagers, but for the meantime I'll bid you good day.

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