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Well what an ultimately disappointing anti-climax and non-event that was. Weird results all over the shop. We were right about the Lib Dems not enjoying any real support, but unfortunately Ed Balls has kept his seat and the Conservative majority looks unlikely, but not dead.

The country remains completely in the dark as far as a final result is concerned let alone a seat count, but Cameron looks to be in a position to become the next PM with a minority Government or a teeny tiny majority and Gordon Brown ought to be finished, although true to form he will probably be dragged out of Number 10 by his shoe laces.

Final positive prediction as we head to bed to dream about our impending doom;

Conservative - 37% - 330 seats
Labour - 28% - 220 seats
Lib Dems - 24% - 60 seats
Others - 11% - 40 seats

Really am gutted about Ed Balls. Desperately wanted to see him lose and punch an old lady or something out of frustration.

Now this election is over and our fate sealed, the blog going forward will focus on a theme of every man for himself. We'll be offering up recipes for cooking human flesh as we'll soon be reduced to eating each other to survive and they'll be some tips on keeping warm for those living under bridges and in the shadows.

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