Not with a bang, but a whimper

5/07/2010 03:08:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute
conversation with the average voter." -- Winston Chruchill

So just to sum up then..this democracy of ours which is so much more preferable to an unhinged, brutal, uncompromising, fascist dictator sweeping the entire Palace of Westminster into the Thames and starting again.

Our weazy antiquated constitution finally caught up with Gordon Brown, who was an unelected party leader and unelected Prime Minister, and dragged him to the ground and beat an election out of him, which no one has won. Our election has some how managed to produce a result where everyone has lost. That is quite some feat. Almost impossible to achieve in fact, in any other walk of life.

* * *

Rather than a four week election campaign where the various manifestos of the parties were presented and examined through press conferences, speeches and hustings, the whole process was reduced to three 90 minute Presidential style debates, where the leaders of the three main parties argued their case without being cross examined by anyone and were safely able to agree to avoid any discussions of the real issues that now mean in no uncertain terms that we are in fact doomed. Instead they were able to reduce the crisis facing the nation to a debate about National Insurance, bus passes and body language.

The consequences of this were that Nick Clegg and his eccentric party of nudists, communists and jerryatric, beastiality, leather-fetishists, were taken seriously for a moment, but ultimately dismissed by the general public once they realised they wanted to ban us from being British, disarm us and force us all into sexual relationships with members of our immediate family and Eastern European immigrants.

Come election day, only 65% of the nation could be arsed with it all. Of that 28 million people, only 37% voted for the Conservative Party (10 million-ish), which is roughly 1/6 of the population of the country. However, they will probably try to form a Government with the aid of the Lib-Dems - that same collection of hippies, Europhiles and pacifist salad munchers who went out of their way to illustrate to us all how so very very different they were from the Conservatives and how new and shiny they were and how old and rusty the Tories were.

So an election will now be reduced to a series of talks in a back room, completely detached from our precious democratic process, were politicians will try to divvy up powerful jobs without having to endure the whole process again. The results of which by definition, will deliver another unelected Prime Minister, who will be subordinate to an unelected European Parliament, which as we speak is bringing the heavens down on all of us through a series of disastrous treaties aimed at crushing us all together in some god awful political, economical, social hadron collider.

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