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5/18/2010 01:39:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

In about an hour Parliament will sit for the first time post-election. Time for all those new MP's to start big school. The first order of business will be to elect a speaker. Usually they just vote the old one in as a matter of course. This time it appears they'll be a vote as so many MPs find John Bercow to be so unpalatable and unsuitable for the job.

I myself think he's a despicable cunt. We talked in some length previously about the possibility of some public hangings of members of the previous Government, although Mr Bercow is notionally a Conservative he was elected by Labour to stitch up the Tories and as such, of those many Labour MP's I'd like to see strung up, I'd have to have Bercow included amongst their number. Oh how I'd rejoice at hearing that sweet snapping sound as his neck is broken, like a twig snapping on an open fire place. As a bonus perhaps his head might even come clean off?

Errr....anyway, this vote will tell us what sort of Parliament we have. In order to deal with the economic devastation left by Labour we'll need a strong Parliament, so this afternoon's vote will show us if it's a new kind of robust House where back room stitch-ups and patronage are a thing of the past or if it snouts in the trough, obsequious skulduggery once again as has been the case with the previous few hundred Parliaments.

** Not even a vote. We're doomed.



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