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See, see how wrong it looks when you put a real Conservative next to the Liberal abhorrence of Nick Clegg. Thatcher would have never let this happen. She would have won a majority first of all as she would not have sold out her conservative principles simply to appeal to the appalling miscreant demographic of the nation that brought Tony Blair and coffin chinned Gordon Brown to power.

No no no. Even without a majority she'd have still told Nick Clegg to fuck off. She'd have actually spat in his face and then set fire to his children. He would have been so busy frantically extinguishing the flames roasting the flesh off his children's backs he wouldn't have found time to even consider opening negotiations with the Conservatives to form an opportunistic coalition Government.

And little Antonio, Alberto and Miguel's horrific third degree burns would have served as a warning to all subsequent olive-faced chancers who fancied holding the nation to ransom just to further their own careers.

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