Predestination and how to arrive safely.

5/03/2010 01:21:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I think by now we've established we are in fact doomed. By any reasonable measure and definition of the word - doomed doomed doomed. Now the one thing that prevents me each day from downing a pint of bleach and being done with it, is possibly the same thing that keeps me going back fortnight after fortnight to the Three Pigeons to compete in a poker game I simply cannot master - this of course is Predestination.

There are some intriguing parallels between politics and the current economic state of affairs and the Pigeon's game. I'm not an Economist, but I can do basic mathematics so even I can see that this country is fucked. It is simply not mathematically possibly for us not to be. The news dudes keep telling us we're in a completely different position to the Greeks, but not by much - give us a few years.

The Greeks answer to their quandary is to smash their capital city up. Genius. Who's going to pay for that damage? The tax payer. The same people who are smashing it up in other words. Silly Greeks. If they're not inventing homosexuality or eating awful hors d'oeuvre and then sleeping in the shade for hours somewhere, they're compounding their crippling economic debts with civil unrest and to make matters even worse they're taking time off work to do it!

Who ever thought that just because countries are geographically close, they ought to then be economically and culturally compatible? Silly. While the efficient and hard working Germans go about their daily business the Greeks, Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese are all taking naps or riding around on scooters shouting obscenities at young girls while grabbing their crotches. The Euro-zone was never going to work.

No one in the history of man kind has united Europe. Why do people continue to try? When will man learn that although we can make a car that can park itself, we have NOT made the Gods our subordinates?

All those genius economic minds thought they had it sussed, but no. NO! Europe was never meant to be united and no matter how hard those Eurocrats-Bureaucrats try, it will never ever ever never work. Why though you ask? has to be down to Predestination.

For the same reason I cannot close out a Pigeon's game when Peachy or Joy are still involved - even if I have 95% of the chips - Europe will never be united. If every single country in the EU has to collapse economically and millions of people have to take the lead of the Greeks and start busting up the place and eventually and inevitably descend into another World War, then so be it. Be the Gods have spoken.

Have these people people not read their Bible? Course not, they're all Liberal atheists. The European Union is just another Tower of Babel. Built by many people with a common language - MONEY. They spoke the language of "let's make shit loads of monies." Well you're gonna see where that gets you.

The Gods will bust it up just like the Tower of Babel and scatter everyone once again over the land, once again speaking all their different languages and with completely different cultures. While the Germans make their BMW's the Greeks will entice young boys into the shade, the Italians young girls into their homes before their mother's get home and the Spanish will simply sleep.

Britain of course could have escaped all this if we had just been happy owning a quarter of the globe as the Gods had intended and not gotten involved interfering with the Germans' Eastern domination campaigns. So what if they wanted to colonise Russia? It's so cold there. Who goes to Russia for their holidays? What spicy Russian foods are on offer in mobile food vans at chucking out time? SO! Let them have it, that's what I always would have said at the time. But no, we thought we'd have a world war instead and we are now reaping what we sowed.

If the country is doomed, so be it. Its every man for himself now then. I hope then that the Gods will look down on me and protect me. They will understand that I was happy with the British Empire and having all those funny little men around the world working for us and making our dinners for us and building our stuff for us when all they asked in return was to be beaten with sticks once a day. No colonial guilt here Gods, I promise.

It's only that I feel the Gods will pity me that I will continue to ante up at the Pigeons. In fact, there was evidence this evening in a game, that the Gods have forgiven me and see the good in me. Never before have I enjoyed such good fortune while holding such utter garbage. The noisy scouse chap I "three-outered" twice, was clearly a closet Europhile atheist and needed punishing. Where as I of course have seen the light. The Gods have decided our fate. We are merely actors in their grand production - and there is no mercy for those who fluff their lines or ad-lib.

From now on I will simply act my part and not question the consequences. It's all so simply now. Phew. Now that's settled I think I'll have some hot chocolate.

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