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5/12/2010 05:55:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I've just been over to Paulie two thumbs' blog and he appears to be quite keen on an Atletico Madrid win in 90 minutes in the Europa Cup Final. I had abandoned football until the World Cup so had no idea until I read that post that there was even a game on this evening! Crazyness.

My German correspondent, J├╝rgen von Snoosnacker - a small red squirrel from Augsburg, has put together a quick analysis of the fixture and it appears the teams are in fact both shit when they play away from home. Something like three wins each all season in all competitions combined. And one of those for Fulham was against Portsmouth.

While Fulham have played something like eighty million fixtures to reach the final stretching back to last July, Atletico have played only four, having began the season in the Champions League where they won no games. Of those eight games Atletico have played in this Europa nonsense they have won only two of them and one of those was against Liverpool.

I can only conclude from this that with both teams suffering from an almost phobic inability to play away from home, that a draw is inevitable and hopefully a penalty shoot-out. I will therefore have a few quid at 13.5 and 14.0 respectively on either team winning via such an outcome.

The end.

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