Mexico v England

5/24/2010 03:22:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

My internets failed two nights ago for no apparent reason and have just now kicked back in again. Weird? I think it may have been from streaming country music radio all day. It couldn't cope with it anymore.

So tomorrow I'm off to Wembley to watch my boys slaughter England. The Mexico section is in one of the corners and I appear to have a seat quite close to the pitch so I ought to get on telly every time there's a corner in that section and of course every time my boys score.

I've had to have a cheeky £20 on Mexico to win at 9.4. I find this an insulting price especially if England are serious about putting Rio Ferdinand in the team and indeed making him captain. I've not heard what's happening with England so maybe that was just a joke, but if it's true England may has well save themselves a lot of money and time by not bothering to travel to South Africa. You'll be lucky if he even remembers to get on the plane. He'll be off buying records somewhere in Manchester when the team are meant to be flying off to the tournament.

Tomorrow I plan to have fun pretending to be Mexican whenever I'm spoken to by a policeman or a steward. It should really bring the thespian out in me. As English people, when we talk to foreigners we like to address them as if they're deaf pensioners if they don't speak English as we assume this will some how help them understand us. It'll be fun to see if this approach is taken with me if they think I don't speak English. GOOD EVENING SIR, YOUR SEEEEEAT IS DOWN THEEEEEEERE ON THE LEEEEEEEFT OHHHH KAAAAAAY?

Yeah cheers geeezer.

It'll be interesting too to see if I'm subjected to any racial abuse. Will an ape like England fan call me a spic or a wetback or a beaner as I negotiate my way back to my car after the game. Find out tomorrow at Voy Por Ustedes.

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