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I hate the Daily Telegraph, more so even than the Daily Mail. At least with the Daily Mail you can read the amusing Fred Basset cartoons - oh that funny little doggy and his amusing observations.

Ha ha fucking brilliant, snoring!

Did you know that last week in Afghanistan a Ghurka was shot and killed and the Home Office are considering making steps to send his family, who live here, back to Nepal? You may not have because thanks to the Daily Telegraph, instead of covering that story our news media focused almost entirely on how much our MPs claim for maintaining their gardens.

Are MPs the only group of workers who fiddle their expenses? No. I know it's tax payers money, but far more tax payers money gets wasted by wars being fought in lands that have never in their entire history been successfully invaded.

If the Daily Telegraph want to erode away the final teeny tiny chances of this Government being re-elected, I'd much rather they focused on why we're wasting so many lives and money in Afghanistan and why our Government wants to honour the memory of soldiers who have fought and died to protect our way of life by denying their family members the fruits of their sacrifice with a life here.

I'm sick of fucking hearing about how much Hazel Blears has claimed for a pair of curling tongs. If you've indulged in this pointless naval gazing and emailed in to any newspaper of TV show complaining about MPs expenses instead of complaining about how fucking pathetic our news media is and how irrelevant it all is, then you deserve these people that are running our country and those deportation letters to those Ghurkas families have your signature on them too. That my friends, is what I always say. ALWAYS.

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