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5/30/2009 09:46:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

See, I told you - Vanessa Rousso is the one to watch in this year's WSOP. She's the one to watch in all WSOP's in my opinion and most other situations too, but especially this years WSOP. Cashed already in the $40,000 finishing 27th - click on her picture for details of the event.

In other news I've just read on young Paul's blog, which I'm glad is still going, that the Greyhound Derby is today so I haven't missed it therefore my Dog whatever it was called, is bound to win. See previous post on weekend wagers for details.

Later on today I might buy a table. Until then I'm going to eat some grapes and shop for cars on't internets. I have to get a new car soon. I know more about greyhounds than cars though. I quite like the look of this Focus Coupe Cabriolet thing. Why do we use French names for everything? Pourquoi pourquoi?

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