MotoGP - Le Mans

5/16/2009 12:39:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

While we're waiting for the Conference Finals to begin, I thought I'd mention my only non-hockey wager this weekend will be a few shillings each-way (1/5th for a place) on Andrea Dovizioso in a rain hit Le Mans MotoGP race tomorrow.

I'm loathe to bet on men with girls names, but at 20/1 it seems silly not to. We're banking on it raining during the qualifying today and the race tomorrow. That levels the playing field as it messes with everyone's bike settings.

I can't be betting on the master at 5/4 in a wet race, same for Casey Stoner even at 5/2, little Danny Pedrosa is about 15% bionic now with all his broken limbs so we can't have him, therefore Dovi on a reliable Honda appears to be the bet. I have spoken, or at least I would have had this been a tipping blog.

Race Update: Eeek as we speak they're all coming in to change bikes, it started wet but now dry. Dovi in second before all the changes. Me having some tea. Waaargh Rossi has crashed a few seconds after changing his bike for slicks - bad as I love the chap, great for my wager though.

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