5/05/2009 09:36:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

My wager is in critical condition. The hockey game I could do nothing about. I know the game, I know that that game was an aberration.

It was an amazing game which had I not bet on, I'd have loved watching. The first question the interviewer dude asked Ovechkin post-game was, "was that the best game of hockey you've ever played in?" Sometimes one just has to shrug ones shoulders and move on.

The basketball selection on the other hand was a school boy error. What was I thinking betting against a team with a monstrous Chineser in the line up??

They hate me and they would have known about my bet. What is he 7ft 6"? Bull shit..there's four of them in that body suit. That game was 8 against 5, the Lakers did well to keep the loss under double figures.

Never bet against aliens, it's the first rule of betting. I feel like such a mug. Humans only ever beat aliens in those lying films. Unless the Lakers have Will Smith in the line-up next game I can't see them winning this series. Urghh..creepy. I feel all sweaty.

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