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I'd almost forgotten what it feels like to get money back from a bet. I'm not one to find amusement in another mans misfortune, not often anyway, but every time I see pictures of Ricky Hatton unconscious on the canvas I can't help but laugh.

I didn't watch the fight but I did listen to it on radio 5 live. All I really remember was hearing a noise like a manc being dumped on his arse and the commentators screaming hysterically "HATTON IS DOWN!! HE'S NOT MOVING!! IT'S ALL OVER"

It's not that I don't like Ricky Hatton, I just have a problem with English sports-smiths accepting the exaggerated levels of respect they get and building careers on it. For an example see the English cricket team who won the Ashes, Tim Henman, Amir Khan and most of our footballers.

I think this spectacular knock-out which would have ruined my bet had it occurred seven seconds earlier - puts his career in perspective. A good fighter, but when confronted with genuine world class fighters, he was out of his league.

Ricky Hatton may have lost but even spark out in the canvas he was still more compos mentis than most of his fans. I got out of there just in time. Ricky bless him is probably wishing the same thing.

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