5/25/2009 07:36:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I've often posted about the odd items that show up in my garden. In the past I've found cigarette lighters, a poor man's Winnie the Pooh, some pants, a trail of 10 pence pieces and a set of bicycle handlebars, but today I found a whole bicycle! Look see..

It's a Viper Outrage - is that an expensive one? It doesn't look it.

No shit, I go into my kitchen to make a microwaved curry snack and there outside against the wall is a mountain bike! Who the fuck has put a bike in my garden and more importantly people, why? This offers up a head scratching dilemma for me. I'm supposed to be going out after I've eaten my nuked repast, but I like to lock my gate cause you can't trust anyone these days.

I'm wondering if a chum of my upstairs neighbour may have put his bike in my garden accidentally which is possible given the bizarre lay-out of this property, so if I lock my gate he won't be able to retrieve it, but no one is answering his door. If that's not the case and someone's just put it in there for a joke, perhaps they're hiding a chums bike, I don't want complete strangers mooching about in my garden so I'd like to put it out in the alleyway.

What if it does belong to my neighbour or one of his chums and some one steals it when I relocate it? I can't get my around the fact that I have lock my property up to stop people putting stuff in it rather than take things from it. I've decided to put it outside my garden.



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