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5/12/2009 01:46:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Even for the Fox this hand was "creative."

Blinds at 50-100 I raise from UTG +1 with the awesome 6-7 off-suit to 225. Middle position re-raises to 1,000 - for those that play at the Fox this 3-bet as the kids say was from Mark Waites. Called on the Button (Twiz)...

My stack before hand started - 3,225
Mark's stack - 5,500 approx.
Twiz's stack - 3,500 approx.

...Expecting at least one caller, I go all-in which amounted to a 4-bet or re-re-re-raise of 2,225. In my defense I was simply bored and felt that, given my opponents, it was highly likely my cards were live.

Mark calls and so does Twiz. Mark shows Ace-Queen suited in spades. I show my six-seven off-suit accompanied by "I have live cards." Twiz informs me I do not have live cards and shows a suited six-seven of hearts!

We all laugh - Twiz and I share high-fives for throwing our chips away with utter garbage. Mark frowns - he knows.

Flop is 8-2-9 Mark really frowns. Twiz and I are giggling like school girls.

Turn is a......FIVE!! Hahaha fucking hell. Brilliant. Twiz and I high-five again, everyone laughs even harer and Mark really really frowns. Happy days.

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