I can see Cleary now the rain has gone

5/20/2009 08:30:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

A sunny day in Detroit, but a dark cloud over the Blackhawks' play-off future. Dan Clearly's a vindictive fucker ain't he? Drafted by the Hawks but spending about a week with the club he's making a point of showing the Blackhawk's front office what a mistake it was to trade him to Edmonton.

Clearly aside the Blackhawks did everything but win last night. Giving the puck away is killing them, but the OT goal that won the game for Detroit last night was not something ginger Brian Campbell could really do anything about.

Bad ice after a long game, the puck bobbles up, it's pounced on by several bearded Swedes and two seconds after Cam Barker and Campbell were passing the puck around on Detroit's blue line looking for a shot, it's suddenly in the net behind Khabibulin and the game is over.

It's a long series though and there's many a slip twixt the cup and lip. Back to Chicago on Friday. I'm preparing for a seven games series, I've bought Doritos and many many doughnuts. One has to keep the faith.

* * *

I made the mistake of being awake at midday today and a second mistake in switching on my TV when Prime Ministers Questions was on. I tell you what it's very difficult to keep ones breakfast down when watching that charade. It was a good 15% more offensive than usual too. For one thing, tributes to that thief Michael Martin from every side of the house seemed to me more sincere than the tributes paid to the Royal Marine killed in Afghanistan last week.

It's this election business that irritates me. I don't want one, but not because of the chaos it would cause as Gordon Brown so bizarrely argued today. My polling station is about 100 yards from my front door, but I feel that's still too far out of my way for me to bother voting. In a perfect world I'd like to see the entire Palace of Westminster go up in flames. I won't walk to my polling station but I'd walk to London to witness that. Then some brutal dictator can take over and we can start again.

Failing that I just want to see Gordon Brown out on his ear - but not if Cameron is his replacement. I fail to see how David Cameron offers a brighter and more prosperous future for Britain. He's been the leader of the Conservative Party for nearly four years and I still have no idea what he stands for. I asked him once - he didn't write back. Just whatever's dominating the front pages of the newspapers probably.

He belongs in an episode of the Apprentice, only one as he wouldn't last the entire series as he can't make decisions. The last place the country needs him is in Number 10.

There's something seriously wrong with our democracy when we have an unelected Prime Minister who is in fact Scottish (surrounded by a cabinet full of other Jocks, meanwhile English MPs can't vote in the Scottish Parliament) who is untouchable until he himself decides otherwise.

They opined on the Daily Politics whether this whole expenses furore might ignite another 1832 moment where huge reforms are abound and British Politics is never the same again. If the proles of this country could just remind themselves that there's more of them than there are MPs and the MPs are supposed to work for them, we could have a much more satisfactory and literal 1834 ignition and we could all drink cocao and toast marsh mallows while we sat and watched the whole place burn to the ground.

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