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5/22/2009 05:07:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I'm just now seeing Cesc Fabregas has been cleared of the bullshit spitting charge levelled at him by that no mark Brian Horton and soon to be wine bar proprietor Phil Brown. Not surprisingly there's not been too much about this in the news.

Had it been Arsene Wenger making these accusations Sky Sports News would be labelling him a garlic eating French lying bastard as we speak. Essentially what this means is you can accuse anyone of anything and if you happen to have made it up or had fake tan cream in your eyes at the time and didn't indeed see what you thought you'd saw, then it's OK..so long as the accusations are aimed in the direction of one of them 'orrible Jonny foreigners.

I'm emailing in to the FA as we speak. I'm requesting that Horton and Phil Brown's respective families be lashed to a tree and a pyre built around them ignited using Brown's tan creams as a deterent to all other future cry-wolf accusers. It'll be hard for even Brian Horton to accuse anyone of anything while he's frantically trying to extinguish the flames on his childrens backs. Harsh, but it'll serve them right for over-reacting. That's what I always say.

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