Magnificent Seven

5/14/2009 02:28:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Game sevens are 15% more awesome than any biscuit I know of. They have the potential to almost be as awesome as tits too - nearly, that's how enjoyable I find them. The Penguins and Capitals series was amazing, probably the most exciting series in recent history - game seven unfortunately was over before it really began. We got the result we wanted though as Ovechkin was starting to irritate me a bit.

Nice goal, nicer tits.

There are two more game sevens tonight which promise to be more exciting games, but which also hold some wagering significance. Boston better bally well get past Carolina finally. They're making awfully hard work of it.

It's back at the Fleet Centre tonight or whatever Boston's Arena is called these days Banknorth something. They at least started to look like the team who were the Eastern Conference's best team in the regular season. I can't be betting on them at the price though and the Hurricanes price is a little tiddly too. Boston -1.5 @ 2.44 seems about right though if you were choking to have a bet on this game.

My Stanley Cup winning book after all my interfering and tinkering looks OK to me really. I stand to win £131 if Boston wins and £146 if my boys win, but awesomely I'm only £13.74 red on the other teams. I'm not quite sure how I managed that if I'm honest, but I'll take it.

I'm scratching my head and other body parts, but even despite my huge bias towards my chaps I really can't see past Boston or the Blackhawks to win this thing, but let's not get ahead of ourselves people.

Game seven between the Redwings and Anaheim requires our full attention and we must not be distracted by biscuits, tits or dreams. I'd had this down as a home banker, but now I've had a closer look I'm not so sure people. I'm not so sure.

Detroit have some issues at their home arena and I'm not sure what's causing them. But they're significant enough that Anaheim have to be taken seriously. And their price of 3.3 must be gobbled up. They may get bushwhacked, but I still think it's the bet. It's defintiely what I'd be recommending if this was a tipping blog.

Detroit only won one of it's last ten regular season games at home in regulation time. The Joe used to be a fortress but now it is crumbling. But why? Why I ask? I'm wondering if it's not because Detroit is such a pitiful shit hole? I mean it always was, but of all the cities in the USofA Detroit is getting it in the neck the most with this current recession/depression and it can't surely be the most inspirational place to play.

It's raining there today too. Rain never makes me feel like winning a game seven I don't know about you. Meanwhile Anaheim are feeling great at the moment. People forget they won the cup two years ago. They're under the skin of Detroit. They have history on their side. They beat up Detroit's skill guys in what was kind of a cheap ambush at the end of the last game - they even attacked little Pavel Datsyuk who is a candidate to win the trophy no NHL player wants to win - the Lady Byng trophy for sportsmanship (which means girly players who never fight). But it's working, Datsyuk has yet to score a goal in this series.

I can't see this one being a 6-2 anti-climax like the Pittsburgh game 7. A very close, niggly, bad tempered 2-1 to Anaheim is what I fancy. I've been saying since the beginning there's something not quite right about this Wings team. I think I'd rather my chaps play Detroit in the Conference Finals rather than the Ducks as the Hawks struggle with the physical teams, much like Arsenal whenever they play Bolton, but any time Detroit bombs out of the play-offs we must all find cause to rejoice.

**Update: You can now get 4.6 on an Anaheim win in regulation. Just so you know.

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Anonymous on 15 May 2009 at 12:52

Game on Cuz

at the Joe Sunday night I think : )

Comment by Rich on 15 May 2009 at 15:01

Yep fucking briwyant. Much better than silly bollocks football.

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