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5/29/2009 03:14:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Let me give you a nickel's worth of free advice; if there's any possibility that you might be delayed in an un-air conditioned Post-Office do make sure you're not wearing thermal underwear, the consequences could be devastating.

I don't really know where I'm at at the moment by way of sleep. I think I stayed up last night, but I think I slept most of the day yesterday. It's entirely possible I'll be asleep soon and won't wake until Saturday so I better discuss my weekend's sports wagers before it's too late.

I made an error with the tennis selection in my Yankee. I thought it ended tomorrow, it appears it has another week to run. It's because it's in France and they do everything they can to make my life a misery. The consequences for this little miscalculation are that I must ask Valentino Rossi to win the Italian MotoGP on Sunday.

I'm more confident about this than I was earlier in the week though. I've just watched the first practice session and he's only 0.5 of a second behind little Jorge who posted the fastest lap of 1.49.870. In real terms 0.5 of a second is a fair enough distance at 200mph with 1.50-2.00 minute laps, but Valentino Rossi very rarely sets the fastest times in practice and qualifying - to be only 0.5 behind is very encouraging. The weather is lovely, no chance of rain so I'm happy to have him at odds against and if little Jorge happens to have a dodgy piece of cheese tonight to upset his botty for the weekend then all's the better.

I bet on a greyhound too this weekend for reasons which really ought to remain between me and my conscience. Farloe Reason is my selection. It's very important we understand that I know nothing about Greyhound racing. I bet on it because I had some monies in my Skybet account and while perusing the updates on Blonde Poker for the DTD £1000 main event I came across a quote from Barry Neville about this dog - "Get the fookin' wagers in it, it can't lose." That was good enough for me at the time and good enough for me now. I'm not entirely sure when the race is though to be fair, so if it's been run already it lost as my balance is 0.00 as we speak.

I fully except Chelsea to win the FA Cup tomorrow. They play a similar sort of game to Everton only a little more efficiently. It looks like Gus Hiddink has a decent relationship with that mercenary bunch of mobile phone arse pushers so they ought to be motivated to give him a winning send off. Also Everton's manager has less charisma than Gordon Brown - he's high on my list of Jocks I'd fast-track repatriate if it were within my powers.

My final wager will be on Pittsburgh to beat Detroit in game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals tomorrow @ 6/4. Detroit are really banged up cause they're so old and luck-boxing their way past Chicago has taken it's toll.

The series with Chicago only ended on Wednesday, they've only had two days to prepare while Pittsburgh have had an extra day. Also Marian Hossa is jinxed, given a girl's name and cursed with one of those beards that's more ginger than brown, he was the only Eastern European NHL player not to get a blowie off Anna Kournakova.

He was on the Penguins roster last season when they lost to the Red Wings in the 2008 Stanley Cup finals - now he's traded to the Red Wings I expect the Penguins to win - serve him right too for what he did to my chaps.

I grow tired. I must go.

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