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5/03/2009 03:28:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

My first Yankee sports wager since my repatriation which we hope will return enough to pay for the deposit on a new car I sacrificed in order to subject myself to eleven days of mental and physical torture at the wrinkly hands of a species of aggressive Chinesers;

Chicago Bulls v Boston Celtics - Overs (196)

Both teams seem a little beat up to me and that means sloppy defense. Possibility of OT again also, which would guarantee the bet. I don't know much about this sport, but the whole of Vegas' sports books seemed to be going mental over this. They kept calling it a classic, but classics are generally high scoring free-for-alls rather than games for the purists. That's my logic anyway and I'm sticking with it.

*Update: Good job this is not a tipping blog. I've taken so long writing this entry that this selection has now come in. Wooooo.

Chicago Blackhawks v Vancouver Canucks (Blackhawks win)

I've been very impressed with the Blackhawks. A lot of the team are incapable of growing play-off beards as they're such young pups - especially Patrick Kane - but they've shown so much guts in making it past Calgary and coming from 3-0 down in game one in Vancouver to level at 3-3. They lost eventually, but they proved they belong in the play-offs and they can score past Luongo and if they play this game the way they played the 3rd period of game one then odds-against has to be gobbled up like a white-eye at a limit poker table.

Hatton v Pacquiao (Pacquiao TKO)

I'm going with the advice a cab driver gave me on my first day or two when I was being driven to Binions, as cab drivers know everything. Pacquiao to be too strong and win on a TKO. My cabbie thought round 9 or 10 - I'm not being that specific, I'm happy with the 5/2. I can't see a points win as I can't imagine Hatton could last that long. It starts soon, but I can't see me lasting that long either.

MotoGp - Jerez (Valentino Rossi win)

Any time Valentino Rossi is offered at 11/4 one has to take it. Simple as that people. He's won this race four times out of the last seven including last years race. He's due a win too. I do declare that even in the twilight of his career Valentino Rossi should never be a fanny hair away from 3/1 to win any MotoGP race, never ever, even if it is a bit windy.

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Comment by Paul on 3 May 2009 at 13:43

Another incredible piece of betting mate, well done. I'm glad i got out of my unders bet at half time to be honest. Does your winnings amount to enough for another trip to Lost Wages?

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